Products and Service


AEP offers every client a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This commitment is at the root of AEP’s sustained growth and its clients’ loyalty. If a compound does not meet the client’s exact needs and expectations, AEP’s teams will go back to the laboratory until complete satisfaction is obtained. If a problem or question arises, a 24-hour technical service is available and immediate assistance is offered, on site if needed. AEP goes even beyond its clients’ expectations by proactively seeking solutions to improve the performance of compounds or to reduce their costs.

With over 1,000 exclusive recipes and a team of experienced chemists,AEP manufactures the highest quality custom rubber compounds for the military, industrial, mining, oil and gas, automotive, and tire sectors, among others. These compounds are used to manufacture a variety of products, including gas masks, boots, gloves for protection from chemical, biological and nuclear agents, conveyor belts, hoses, seals, escalators, automotive parts, car and off-road vehicle tires, etc. 

AEP works with practically every type of polymer: Natural Rubber (NR), Polyacrylic (ACM), Butadiene (BR), Ethylene Acrylic (AEM), Polychloroprene (CR), Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene (CSM), Epichlorohydrin (ECO), EthylenePropylene Diene(EPDM), Fluorocarbon (FKM), Polyisoprene (IR), Butyl (IIR), Nitrile (NRB), Hydrogenated Nitrile (HNBR), Styrene-butadiene (SBR), Silicone (VMQ). 

Several types of compounds are available: colored or black, solid or sponge, in slabs, strips granules or sheets, calendered, extruded, strained or non-strained, fiber-reinforced, in small or large quantities.

AEP also offers many variables in its recipes to meet all types of needs: anti-oxidizing agents, vulcanizing agents, carbon blacks, accelerators, activators and retarders, reinforcing agents, pigments, fillers, diluent fillers, plasticizers, softeners, blowing agents, adhesive agents, coloring agents, abrasives, and more.


AirbossEngineered Products offers personalized service and is attentive to each client’s needs. With teams of experts offering ongoing support, AEP is able to produce rubber compounds that meet specifications perfectly and that exceed expectations, batch after batch. 

AEP offers professional, reliable, just-in-time delivery service throughout the world.

With AirBoss Engineered Products, you can be sure of receiving the same exceptional quality and service that have existed since 1930.