Founded in 1930 by Alfred Lambert, Acton Rubber Limited’s original primary goal was to manufacture commercial-quality rubber boots that would be better suited to the needs of military personnel, police officers, firefighters, workers and miners.

In 1999, the company joined theAirBoss of America group and becameAirBoss Engineered Products (AEP).

Today, AEP is one of Quebec’s 500 largest companies. Through its affiliation with theAirBoss of America group – which has several strategically-located factories in North America and an annual production capacity of over 250 million pounds – it benefits from a steady global supply network of raw materials and excellent-quality ingredients, at the best prices and delivery times on the market, in addition to integrated technical collaboration and a continuous, first-rate research and development program. 

AEP’s traditional markets include products for military and mining applications and for chemical, biological and nuclear protection, as well as conveyor belts, hoses, tires forheavy-duty vehiclesand retread tires for off-road vehicles. It is the only company in North America that still makes hand-assembled rubber boots. 

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